Lion Tamer/Mouse Whisperer (a.k.a. Account Manager)

Job Type: Full-time

NAIL’s mission is to joyfully solve problems in unexpected ways. We value creativity, teamwork, initiative, communication, and personal growth.

We employ intelligent, self-aware, innovative humans that bring their good vibes and strong ambitions every day to create effective communication strategies and outputs for our clients.

We are looking for an experienced Account Manager. You should know how to tame and lions and coach the meek, both internally and externally.

We want to find someone who:

•  Has successfully managed integrated marketing campaigns as the agency lead on multiple accounts.
•  Is comfortable independently orchestrating a cohesive client experience involving strategic, creative, program tactics, media, production, campaign implementation, and show a strong sense of financial acumen throughout.
•  Understands, appreciates, and can sell-through disruptive creative work to the mutual delight of both clients and creatives.
•  Can own a room and run a meeting, respectful to the agendas and time commitments of all involved.
• Enjoys collaboration and debate with a wide range of people, on a wide range of subjects and issues.
• Appreciates client opportunities of all sizes and levels of complexity; applies equal enthusiasm to all.
•  Has skills or passions that can add value to the organization as a whole. Or just makes it more fun.

This is a good fit if you want to work somewhere where:

•  You are a crucial part of what happens here every day.
•  You are proud of what you do and like the people you do it with.
•  Your curiosity, ideas and initiative are welcomed.
•  You love your job but not at the exclusion of your life—which you also love and like to participate in from time to time.

Salary DOE. Minimum 3 years of agency experience

If this sounds like you, please send a non-boring email and resumé to