Naomi Simmers
Associate Producer

Naomi SimmersAssociate Producer

What I do at NAIL

I focus on the details while always keeping the big picture in mind, ensuring a killer end result in which all parties involved can take pride.

Where I’ve Worked

I was a project manager for an interior design company before coming to Nail. I’ve also worked as a production assistant, event planner, cocktail waitress, aerobics instructor, event promoter, personal assistant, promo model, golf cart driver, ice cream scooper, and much more. A girl’s gotta eat!

Where I’ve learned things

I have gained knowledge beyond measure through the relationships and bonds I have formed with the various creative, kind, crazy, loving, and brilliant people that I am lucky enough to call my friends and family. I have a diploma from The University of Rhode Island.

Why my mom  is proud of me

I figured I might as well just email her and ask her. Here is what she said: “I am proud of your inquisitive spirit and your delight with all that you experience. I am proud that you have the inner strength to move beyond adversities to become even better, and you do this with grace and beauty. Mostly I am proud of how much you love life and love others; that you show it in your actions as well as in your words.” <– You guys, I love my mom. She is the best.

Mandatory quirky fact(s)
to convince you that I’m interesting
  • I am a natural blonde.
  • I was runner up in the 1992 Little Miss Newmarket Pageant.  I should have gotten first, but I was *robbed* by a 10 month old in a frilly outfit. She couldn’t even walk.
  • I can rap Salt n Pepa’s “Shoop” in its entirety.