Niki Brazier
Account Manager

Niki BrazierAccount Manager

What I do at NAIL

Basically, professional fire-putter-outer and liaison between awesome NAIL creative peeps and awesome clients.

Where I’ve Worked

Was an on-camera anchor/reporter for ABC and Fox stations in Boston, Bangor (middle-of-nowhere Maine), and Providence. I am undoubtedly in one or some of those “funniest news bloopers” compilation videos. I’m also a CrossFit coach and work as an official CrossFit Games reporter (when I’m not working on my gainz).

Where I’ve learned things

Emerson College, Puppy Training Classes, Harry Potter Books

Why my mom  is proud of me

I spent 11 years dancing for the Boston Ballet. I mean she was in the Russian ballet, but hey, I tried.

Mandatory quirky fact(s)
to convince you that I’m interesting
  • I had 5 wisdom teeth
  • I have taken trapeze classes
  • I can confidently throw 160 lbs over my head
  • I have been in the Presidential Press Pool
  • I’m a hardcore Trekkie and yes, I may have dressed up for a movie premiere or two…