Rebecca Donovan
Account Manager

Rebecca DonovanAccount Manager

What I do at NAIL

I’m an Account Manager. I enjoy circling back, putting pins in things, and keeping ducks in rows.

Where I’ve Worked

BBDO New York, fancy chocolate shops, my own chocolate company

Where I’ve learned things

James Madison University where I earned a degree in Media Arts & Design, Boston University where I earned a Masters in Advertising, The French Culinary Institute where I earned a comically tall chef’s hat.

Why my mom  is proud of me

I’m not afraid to follow my own path. My dad thinks this is pretty cool too.

Mandatory quirky fact(s)
to convince you that I’m interesting
  • Once while scuba diving, I heroically out-swam a moray eel that was definitely chasing me, and not at all just swimming around minding its own business.
  • I have hiked the Grand Canyon – one of my greatest physical accomplishments. I did it in August, one of my worst mental accomplishments.
  • I threw javelin in high school. Luckily I didn’t hit anyone.