Rodrigo De Lima

Rodrigo De LimaCopywriter

What I do at NAIL

I try to come up with good ideas and come up with bad ideas until I get there. I guess the main thing I do is I can usually tell the difference.

Where I’ve worked

I’ve freelanced in Brazil and the US, most recently at DraftFCB in Chicago.

Where I’ve learned things

VCU Brandcenter, Florida State University, Traveling, NSAC, Innovation Challenge.

Why my mom  is proud of me

I’ve had work be recognized by The One Show, Clio, Hatch Awards, CMYK and, as a student, the Addy’s. I was also part of the team that won the first Brand-a-thon. But it’s hard to tell, she likes everything I post on Facebook.

Mandatory quirky fact(s)
to convince you that I’m interesting

I’ve played Counterstrike and Enemy Territory at a world class level. On the latter I was ranked 4th worldwide as a sniper at one point. Also, I’ve raced in the 24 Hours of Lemons auto racing series (I led my team in penalizations).