Stephen Fitch
Account Manager

Stephen FitchAccount Manager

What I do at NAIL

Thinking, organizing, taking deep breaths. But mostly I just try to put the “man” in “account manager.”

Where I’ve worked

I started my own company out of college and for two years I worked to revolutionize the world of American dessert. Wore a ton of hats, met a lot of people, and developed invaluable skills. But then, inevitably, there was NAIL.

Where I’ve learned things

North Kingstown public schools, and then 30 minutes away… way too far to commute for a Rhode Islander… at Bryant University.

Why my mom  is proud of me

I once won $10,000 in a business plan competition. I think it was pride in her eyes… but it may have been dollar signs.

Mandatory quirky fact(s)
to convince you that I’m interesting

I can pick things up with my feet. Ketchup bottles, iPods, car keys. It’s a way less useful skill than you might think.