American Tourister - Brand Design and Advertising

Leave Room for the Unexpected

American Tourister partnered with Nail to… 

Refresh the 90 year old brand’s design approach and re-introduce it to American consumers after a long advertising hiatus. As part of the Samsonite family of brands,  American Tourister identified an opportunity to reinvigorate their position in the market and deepen their connection with younger consumers. 


Our Insight

Too much routine dulls your spirit and brain. But the unfamiliar stimulates them. Travel connects us to the unfamiliar. And the less you know going into a trip, the more excitement and joy you will get out of it.


Our Consumer Target

We sought out to increase brand meaning with today’s “American Tourist.”  These folks will visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the weekend, hit up Nashville for a bachelorette party, or visit Kansas City for the famous barbecue. These aren’t grand excursions, but they are every bit as meaningful. These tourists include young Gen Z’ers who are eager to experience the things they’ve seen on Instagram. But the “American Tourist” is aspirational, and can also include millennial parents (or anyone else for that matter) with more structured lives who are eager to reconnect to the vibrant, eclectic energy of their younger selves.


Our Strategic Platform

The best travel experiences require space to surprise you. So don’t over plan. Don’t over pack. And don’t over think. Say “yes” and let life happen. 


Leave room for the unexpected.

Campaign was delivered to market through CTV, Youtube, Facebook/IG/Tik Tok, digital banners, and OOH that included a NYC Times Square feature and Lyft toppers.


Brand Identity Design

Nail devised a visual refresh that aligned with new brand positioning for American Tourister as well as the colorful and bold styling of their products. It was important that we preserve the brand equity of the logo, but develop new supporting visual elements that could be used to create designs for digital and in-store applications.


Colors. The brand’s new flexible color palette updates seasonally as each new product line is released. This allows for both consistency and variety.


Typography. American Tourister’s brand type was updated to feature the typefaces Syne and Work Sans. Syne provides a much needed update to their brand typography and creates a balance between clean, modern lines as well as unique details. Work Sans provides a body copy typeface that is well suited for digital-first applications.


Patterns. A series of patterns were created that played off the geometries and angles in the American Tourister logo. These patterns can be used either boldly or subtly depending on the application.



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