Rhode Island Community Food Bank - Strategy, Branding, and Advertising

Nothing Can End Hunger

The Rhode Island Community Food Bank was faced with an aging donor base. But younger donors were a cynical, results-oriented bunch who believed that nothing could end hunger. And we thought, “Hmm. Maybe they’re right. Maybe Nothing can end hunger…”


The RI Community Food Bank’s donor and volunteer population was aging-out, leaving the institution vulnerable. They engaged with Nail to revive interest and engagement with the critical mission of mitigating food insecurity in the state.

Our Strategy

Our research taught us that people are motivated by tangibility and progress; it’s unsatisfying to give money to an unsolvable problem. Our solution also successfully challenged the notion that reaching younger people has to be digital.

What was our solution? Nothing. A food brand, to be specific.  To connect people with the heartbreaking idea of having nothing to eat, at precisely the moment they are surrounded by food, we distributed at retail.


Donations rose 40% in the first year.

Sales of Cans, Nothing.org and Coin collection in cans: +$100,000
New email addresses: +46%
Value of campaign media (donated or earned): $400,000

Attributed to halo effect of campaign, annual fundraising goal through transitional campaign reached its target 6 months early.


Campaign was subsequently licensed in three other states, helping citizens in VT, NH, and OH.


Editorial coverage:

TV: 13 (interviews, news stories and features)
Print: 11 (articles and features)
Online: 24 (articles and blogs) 


Social Media:

Facebook friends: +290% Twitter followers: +100%