Providence Children's Museum - Strategy and Brand Identity Design

The Value of Play

Capturing the Multi-Dimensional Aspects of Play

Traditionally, businesses need one logo. But as we dug in and began to understand the importance of play’s many faces, we realized that Providence Children’s Museum needed more logos. Eighteen, to be specific.


This identity system is a good demonstration of our design process: the final product captures the vision of the organization, insights from consumers and stakeholders, and themes from the manifesto. You don’t have to know the extensive backstory to see how joyful and purposeful the museum celebrates its mission with this visual identity.



The Backstory


The Providence Children’s Museum (PCM) needed a brand refresh to better reflect the mission of the organization to the community.  The organization supports that: the things kids do and are exposed to when they’re young have tremendous effects in the years to come. Play shapes their ability to process ideas, solve problems, handle emotions, and negotiate with peers. The play decisions we make for our children today determine the adults they become tomorrow.


Strategic Process & Key Takeaways

Through key stakeholder and consumer interviews, we uncovered some key themes that provided the basis of our strategic insights. A sampling of those are:


On the Providence Children’s Museum:

The appeal of the museum is that it offers the comfort and safety of the familiar with the stimulating benefit of unexpected surprises.


On Parenting and Play:

Before the pandemic, parents unconsciously “outsourced” play but then became solely responsible for all of it. Families recognize and value more acutely than ever the quality of time/engagement.


Synthesizing Insights in Action

As an outcome of our strategic work, NAIL finds that a manifesto is the strongest way to express the vision of the organization and capture its emotional essence. It captures the brand position and the brand personality. This manifesto is also our guidepost for how to judge the tone and temperament of other communications.


Winning Partnership

We are thrilled to share that our work for the Providence Children’s Museum won Gold at the 61st Annual Hatch Awards for Creative Excellence from The Boston Ad Club, and was a finalist for Best in Show.