Rhode Island Tourism - Strategy, Design, and Advertising


Six seconds is all you need to fall in love with Rhode Island. Here’s proof:

Our Strategy

So what is Rhode Island known for? Being small. What is Rhode Island not as well known for? Being Fun. What Happens when you put those two pieces together? Fun-Sized. We took a perceived negative about our size and made it a positive with a large quantity of bite-sized videos about all the things you can do and see here in a very short period of time. The nature of these short videos appealed to the Instagram moments that appeal to millennial travelers and fit into unstoppable and fun-sized ad formats.


In a fascinating paradox, even though we were targeting people outside of Rhode Island at the time, it needed to resonate with people inside our state. Our toughest critics were, actually, Rhode Islanders. Part of our goal, aside from attracting visitors to RI, was to instill state pride.


Hotel Tax Revenue (Feb ’18) +21.2% vs. Year ago

TF Green Airport traffic +12.3% year-over-year

Meal & Beverage Tax Revenue Feb ’18 +38.8% vs. prior year

Attributable sales +$11 million