Stay Curious

Curiosity can’t be taught. You either have the instinctive urge to learn about your client’s business, your co-worker’s passions, technology’s latest wonders, culture’s new trends or you don’t.

We hire ravenous minds. If you are the slightest bit uncomfortable with the word “why”, we might not be the agency for you.



Creativity is not frivolous. It is a magic elixir that can touch the heart and stir the soul. It has the power to turn complacency into activism. It can make the uninteresting into the unforgettable.

But let’s cut to the chase, shall we? We aren’t fanatics about creativity because of all the heart touching and soul stirring—but because it works. And we have the data to prove it—as well as the data to inspire it and to optimize it.


Remember that curiosity from two tenets ago?

It leads us to constantly ask what other problems can we help solve?

What new approaches can we try?

What new audiences can we find?

Our most productive and satisfying relationships come when we are in the trenches with our clients—feeling the wins and losses as our own. We are tepid, functional vendors. We are passionate, ambitious partners.


Remember those partnerships from that last tenet?

They are strategic collaborations with genuine personal relationships, creative spark, and financial responsibilities.

And that last one?

That’s the one that pays all our mortgages, right?

So we invest to serve the quality of the work, but also tailor our efforts to the medium, life cycle and impact of the work. Our media and production choices are made with prudence and consideration. Because we really don’t want to move.


  • Brian Gross

    Creative Partner

  • Alec Beckett

    Strategic Partner

  • Jeremy Crisp

    Managing Partner

  • Lizzi Weinberg

    Talent Partner

  • Jeanette Palmer

    Growth Partner



  • Hatch

  • The One Show

  • Print design annual

  • Jay Chait Strategic Planning

  • Communication Arts Award of Excellence

  • Healthcare Advertising Awards

  • Adweek “Ad of the Day”

  • Effie

  • Emmy Awards

  • Cannes Short List

  • Clio Finalist

  • Webby Awards

  • FWA Site of the Day


We’re in the business of making ideas. Ideas that come in all shapes and sizes. Ideas that can look like one thing but surprise you to be another. Ideas that are just straight forward. Ideas that can shine light on a side you never knew existed.

We’re in the business of making ideas that make people feel things.

People that come in all shapes and sizes. People that can look like one thing but surprise you to be another. People that can be straight forward. People that can shine light on a side of you you never knew existed.

Making ideas for all types of people, requires having all types of people to think up those ideas. Without you, the ideas fall flat. You are the magic of our ideas.

We are working to be better. We have established IDEA as a safe space dedicated to uplifting those who face adversity, confronting some of our industry’s biggest blind spots, and addressing problems we may face as an agency. IDEA is where nail employees can go for support and guidance through challenges big and small.