Natural Balance Pet Food - Advertising

Made for Pets, Not People

When pets are at the center of your business, they can also be the center of your advertising.


Natural Balance wanted to expand the brand’s perception beyond specialty pet food to increase consideration among retail and wholesale customers.

New ownership saw opportunity in the booming US pet market;

The crowded space demanded fresh messaging and a campaign to gain share; and

Natural Balance needed a campaign that worked both DTC and B2B.


Our Insights

In a world where quality is key but inherently unknowable, most pet food brands marketed to pet owners. That makes sense – dogs don’t have credit cards. But dogs also don’t need to eat the same menu that humans find appealing.  Therefore, we recommended that Natural Balance separated itself by marketing to the end-consumer.


Our Strategic Platform

As a company that pet nutrition at its core since its inception, Natural Balance’s was uniquely positioned to disrupt the market with a pet-first perspective. Our campaign: Made for Pets, Not People.


Bold messaging worked to drive traffic, engagement, and consideration, especially among the growing demographic of young consumers.

61% view-through rate – 31% above benchmark.

Campaign drove 41% of website traffic.

Young people are into it. 16% brand consideration lift among 18-24 year-olds.

So, our first efforts dramatized the overly human-centered environment of the crowded retail shelves.

Then we started directly communicating with pets. Is your dog nearby? This commercial is for them.

With this novel approach, we demonstrate that Natural Balance is a company that deeply understands and cares for pets - thus creating an affinity with their owners.